About Us

We offer integrated network services with expertise throughout North America to help organizations maximize their network investments.

Raymond Rabb - President

As the co-founder of Transwave, Ray oversees the day-to-day operations of the company including Engineering/Design Services, Installation/Project Management, Product Procurement and Maintenance Services.  His expertise includes engineering and installing successful microwave and fiber optic transmission systems for many diverse customers and unique applications throughout North and South America. 

Raymond has been integral in the design, integration and/or maintenance of many critical communication systems over the last thirty (30) years. These systems include vital communication systems for public safety entities, municipal wide communication networks, critical microwave networks for utilities, cellular/PCS carriers, and private enterprise networks for hospitals, K-12 education, colleges, industry, and much more. 

He has extensive knowledge of the telecommunications industry as it relates to data, voice, and video communications and the various electronics, mediums and requirements to support these protocols.  Of particular importance is the knowledge and experience that he possesses as it relates to wireless and the microwave industry.  Areas of particular strength include a thorough understanding of RF design principles as it relates to RF engineering, and the ability to design complex networks that can often span miles even in adverse environments and terrain.  He has a comprehensive understating of the latest bandwidth delivery systems and how they interface with telephone networks, high end Routers, data switches, ATM platforms, and more.  Raymond is an expert in RF design principles, frequency engineering, and the physics and impact of radio electronics as it relates to tower infrastructure.  This, and his uncanny knowledge of the site development/tower industry, gives him unique abilities in the microwave industry today.   

Mr. Rabb takes a “hands on” approach to the management of his company and is often seen on job sites, overseeing the quality and successful implementation of projects.  He is very intimate to the consultive sales process and the overall design of Transwave solutions. 

Mr. Rabb’s background in the RF field dates back to the time served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War.  Raymond was an Electronics Specialist aboard the US INCHON for six (6) years.  During his tour of duty with the Navy, he was exposed to many aspects of wireless communications including the installation and repair of vital ship to ship and ship to land electronic systems.  His time in the Navy prepared him well for private sector positions that he was to soon to embark upon.   

After leaving the US Navy with an honorable discharge, Mr. Rabb joined LJ Raymart in 1974, a prominent provider of mobile radio, CCTV, and remote control equipment in the Western New York area.   There he held many positions working his way up to Technical Manager of its network systems division.  At LJ Raymart, he was instrumental in the design of many cutting edge microwave systems at that time for clients ranging from Public Safety, Cellular Carriers, and a variety of public and private entities that are now enjoying the benefits of microwave technology that result of the divestiture of the telecommunications industry.  Mr. Rabb then took a position with CSC, Corp., as the Vice-President and General Manager of the company.  There, once again, he was instrumental in the design of many critical communication systems for both public and private entities throughout the Northeast.